Aegean Breeze Ring

Aegean Breeze Ring


Inspiration of Collection

An artist is always inspired by the world around them, and indeed, by their homeland. For Philippos, this collection unites both: from his home in Athens, the cool breeze of the Aegean Sea is always welcome. It brings with it the allure of the Greek Islands, those sparkling jewels of the Aegean, where the sea is Life and the breeze carries whispers of ancient Myth.

Material: 18k white gold
Weight: 4.2gr
Stones: 0.23ct navette cut tourmaline, 2.69ct trillion cut aquamarines

Designed by Philippos
Handcrafted All of our fine jewellery is custom made to order in our Athens workshop, please allow approximately 15days for production.
Environmentally Conscious Papadopoulos Jewellery guarantees, internally and whithin its supply chain, values of social, ethically and environmentally conscious production.
Fair Pricing No additional markup
Custom Made All of our products are handmade, customized for each client individually and produced only upon request. Therefore, returns will not be accepted.
Care Guide Our pieces, wilst delicate, are handcrafted and destined to pass from generation to generation if they are carefully worn and taken care of
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