Five Generations of Fine Jewellery.

Papadopoulos Jewellery, since 1963

Every family has an heirloom: something to pass down the generations, whether it is a precious object or invaluable knowledge and skill. For five generations, the Papadopoulos family have passed on their expertise and craftsmanship of fine jewellery-making so that these beautiful items can be prized by other families for years to come.


Papadopoulos Jewellery was founded in 1963 by Dimitrios Papadopoulos. The youngest of his brothers, he was the most inspired by the passion of his father and grandfather for fine jewellery-making. Determined not to let their craft be lost, Dimitrios turned a simple workshop into a brand which today sells in three stores in the northern suburbs of Athens, Greece.


Our Stores

Find us in Attica, Greece:


Our Services

  • Custom Design
  • Consultation and Appraising
  • Repairs & Resizing
  • Polishing and Replating
  • Engraving



For any inquiries , questions or condemnations, please call, send us an e-mail, or fill out the following form.

1. 7 Kolokotroni Str. Kifissia: 210 8083335
2. 33 Ermou Str. Marousi: 210 8028922
3. 16 Ermou Str. Marousi: 210 8055653

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