Papadopoulos Heritage

“What does your jewellery mean to you?

Is it a story of Love? Family? Travel? Or a story of another kind?

North of Athens, Greece, sits a gem. A family jewel that has been passed from father to son for five generations. It is a precious heirloom, forged in the Peloponnese Mountains over a century ago. What is this precious gem? It is a legacy! The passion, knowledge and craft… of jewellery-making itself.

Before the dawn of the 20th century, in the darkness of the unknown, young George Papadopoulos left his home in the Peloponnese and set sail from his beloved Greece, never to return… His passion led him across the sea, to the markets of the Middle East and to the art of jewellery-making.

In time, he learned, he worked, he sold. In Smyrna he opened a shop, had a family, and the Papadopoulos legacy had begun.

Until, in 1922, a great fire destroyed the city. George’s son Louizos fled across the sea, rescuing their passion, knowledge and craftsmanship… and their dream to return to Greece.


Louizos established a workshop in the north of Athens, forging beautiful jewels which inspired his youngest son, Dimitrios. In 1963, Dimitrios began a new era: ‘Papadopulos Jewellery’ was born. Courage, loss, determination and the golden inheritance of craftsmanship were the foundation of their very first store.

Today, Konstantinos, son of Dimitrios, continues to strengthen the family business: his studies in Economics and gemmology brought a new level of skill and quality to their product, and took the business into the 21st century with the legacy of his great-grandfather shining more brightly than ever.

What does this story of family, travel and craft mean to ‘Papadopoulos Jewellery’ today?

To Philippos Papadopoulos, it means the future:

Like young George Papadopoulos over a hundred years before him, Philippos has travelled beyond Greece, in rings around the world, studying the latest innovations in the craft, design and business management of fine jewellery. Like Louizos, he retuned to Athens, and like his own grandfather and father before him, continues to strengthen the family legacy and expand ‘Papadopoups Jewellery’ in an international age.

North of Athens, Greece, sits a gem. A family jewel that has been passed from father to son for five generations. It is a story of courage, loss, travel, determination and the golden inheritance of craftsmanship. Every piece of fine jewellery sparkles with their story… but it was never just for themselves: it was for the most important character of all, one that has been there through ALL the generations of Papadopoulos jewellers – the customer.

Whatever your jewellery means to you, you can be sure it means the world to us.”

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