Philippos PapadopoulosA treasured passion and craftsmanship for luxury jewellery making has been passed down to Philippos, from father to son, for five generations. Each generation has defined a new era of this valuable inheritance: from his great-great-grandfather setting out from a remote town in Greece to learn his craft in the markets of the Middle East, Philippos now expands the trade of their Athens-based business internationally. 

Philippos’ infatuation with the epics of Greek mythology and their abiding presence in the landscape, architecture and discourse around him has always fuelled the fire of his artistic expression. As his craft has taken him around the world, expanding and renewing his skills with the best teachers in the most prestigious institutions, he has been inspired by the colours, mythologies and architecture of other cultures. As a bilingual Greek/German, Philippos also feels a strong connection to Germanic and Norse sagas: their characteristics are so far from those of the Mediterranean that fusing the cultures together in his jewellery designs has become a creative exploration of how they unite within himself. Having resolved to dedicate his life to the craft of his fathers, he undertook his earliest studies in the city of Florence, Italy, where the glory of the Renaissance is all-encompassing and still draws creative minds from around the globe. Living and breathing this environment was formative for his artistic style: stories from distant lives and places stayed with him as his advanced studies took him to the United Kingdom and across the United States, from New York to Los Angeles. These recent studies ensured that his vision of a diverse world, represented in sculpture and fine jewellery, has benefitted from the latest technological advancements. Philippos is defining the new international era of his family business, bringing cutting-edge expertise in luxury jewellery back to Athens, together with a global clientele.

Like the generations of family jewellers before him, Philippos has pushed the boundaries of design, craftmanship and geographical expansion, to offer his customers the highest quality and most desirable jewellery the world has to offer. The customer has always been the most important character in a story of five generations. Designing and manufacturing bespoke pieces for clients worldwide appeals to his artistic skill in producing culturally diverse jewellery, as well as in reflecting the universal delights of the natural world. At the heart of many of his collections is an engagement with Nature’s maternal power, using the best quality diamonds and gemstones to depict sea, mountains, sun and stars, with lines and shapes reflecting an organic movement and flow.

Philippos has journeyed far to reflect the beauty of the human and natural world in his jewellery, but the ancient wonder of Greece has always been at his core. Every inspiration he has felt in other countries and cultures has always been fused to the landscape, colours and mythologies of his home.

Exploring the depths of craft and design from culture to culture and generation to generation has brought to Philippos a piece of invaluable wisdom: “Every line, every feeling, every story is where truly beautiful jewellery is born.”

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